Let’s Discuss

The Beginning of Everything

Since my college years, I have a desire to always show what I’m doing. It’s like that feeling you had as a kid, if you beat a boss in the video game and run to your mother, shouting, “Look, Mom, look what I did!” However, since I’ve grown up and finished college, I do not feel like showing the bosses I’m defeating, but rather show what I’ve learned in this area of technology that I decided to follow.

The inspiration for creating this blog was in one of my classes in college, specifically in the field of software engineering. One of the best teachers I had, Rafael Groski¹, taught me so many new and different things that the desire to learn and use these things was only growing. And then came the idea of exposing these studies.

The mission I have is to help anyone who wants to learn more or get involved in a variety of technologies, whether students, professionals or curious.

I decided to open three initial categories that I will be feeding:

Let’s discuss: a space to talk about news and technologies, where I try to show my point of view of that subject and also get the point of view of who to be interested.

Recommended courses: Since I am an eternal student, I am always taking online courses on various subjects. Each month I will be recommending a course (usually from Udemy) that I have recently concluded, showing its positives and negatives.

Scientific articles: one of the best ways to study (for me) is to do scientific articles. Even if the purpose is not to publish them in specialized journals, it is a great way to learn more about the subject matter, all within the normalizations.

This is an experiment that I would love to grow and always be putting new ideas into it, so I am counting on you to also suggest topics or categories for this blog. Please contact me by tweets or email, it will be an honor to have a Feedback.

¹ Rafael Gorski Moreno Souza – Manager, Software Development at CSG –